Twenty benefits of pomegranate

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Twenty benefits of pomegranate

Iran is the birthplace of pomegranate and Iranians have been familiar with pomegranate cultivation since thousands years ago. A large number of pomegranate seeds are symbols of abundance and fertility. They are also symbols of fertility of Iranian ancient goddess who was called Anahita.

The images of pomegranates were carved in Achaemenid paintings. The pomegranates were taken from Iran to the other countries by tourists and traders. The pomegranate was a part of Iranian religious and cultures since a long time ago and it was as a symbol and sign in many ceremonies and celebrations. Many religions were pointed to it as a sacred fruit. Even it is mentioned as a heaven fruit in Quran (The holy Muslim’s book).

In this page we survey some advantages of its consuming.

This is a fruit which is useful for human body in different causes. Some probably of its benefits are mentioned below.

1. Rich in antioxidants: it includes lots of antioxidants such as Poly phenols that help preventing inflammations and cellular damaging.

2. Anti- bacterial power: some compounds in pomegranate, such as tannins, have anti-bacterial properties that can help controlling diseases.

3. Increasing Hemoglobin levels: A pomegranate contains lots of Iron therefore it can help increasing blood hemoglobin levels.

4. Maintaining heart health: consuming it regularly can reduce blood pressure, control bad cholesterol level, and improve heart function.

5. Maintaining heart health: activated compounds in pomegranate can help improving brain function and memory retaining.

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6. Anti-inflammation: A pomegranate may include anti-inflammation properties and be able to affect on decreasing inflammation related to different diseases.

7. Preventing cancer: the studies have shown that, antioxidants compounds in a pomegranate can help decreasing risk of some types of cancer such as, lungs, skin, and breast.

8. Decreasing articular inflammation: consuming pomegranates may help decreasing articular inflammation such as articular pain.

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9. Boosting immune system: some compounds in a pomegranate can boost the resistance of the body’s immune system against diseases and infections.

10. Maintaining skin health: Nutrients and vitamin c in a pomegranate can help skin health and reduce the sign of premature aging.

11. Decreasing the risks of digestive disorders: a pomegranate can improve digestive disorders and can be affected on reducing risks of disorders related to digestion such as diarrhea and constipation.

12. Increasing producing energy: consuming the pomegranate can increase energy levels and decrease the feeling of fatigue.

13. Reducing the risks of sight disorders: a pomegranate compounds can help retaining eyes health and decreasing the risks of sight disorders such as Cataract diseases.

14. Controlling blood pressure: the pomegranate can be useful to control blood sugar level and be effective on preventing and managing diabetes.

15. Maintain bones health: the nutrients in a pomegranate such as Calcium and magnesium can retain bones health and help preventing the diseases related to the bones.

16. Improving sexual function: some studies have shown that, consuming pomegranates can improve sexual function and decrease sexual problems of men and women.

17. Reducing complications after intense exercise: consuming the pomegranates may help decreasing muscles inflammation and complications after intense exercise.

18. Improving kidney function: consuming pomegranates can improve kidney function and retain kidney health.

19. Decreasing risk of chronic diseases: consuming pomegranates permanently can help reducing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart, and cancer.

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20. Maintaining digestive health system: the pomegranates compounds can improve retaining digestive health system and help preventing complications related to it such as gastric ulcer.

It is worth mentioning that these benefits are related to scientific and experimental researches and it may have different results for each person.

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