The most unusual advantages of consuming strawberries

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The most unusual advantages of consuming strawberries

The most unusual advantages of consuming strawberries

The strawberries are the first spring fruit which create by the spring first sun’s ray. Nowadays, they are always available by advanced greenhouses and you can provide them whenever you want. The first strawberry was found in 18th century in Europe, gust after that, it became popular. The organic strawberries are light red, juicy, and sweet. They are sensitive so, you should be careful when you want to wash them or take them, because they mash soon. In this page you realize some properties of consuming strawberries which are indicated below.

Rich in vitamin B, C, and the source of potassium and antioxidants: it is one of the juicy fruit which is useful for heart health and control blood sugar. It contains 91% water, 7.7 Carbohydrates, a little fat and protein. It is mostly consumed raw and fresh. The strawberries jam, dessert, and jelly are the most popular form of their consuming.

The best choice to repair women’s skin and nail: although it is small, it is specific fruit for women and girls. Due to the antioxidants, it can help weigh losing, teeth whitening, making women and girls’ skin and nails beauty. If you consume it permanently, you will have natural beauty.

The skin is repaired by Alpha-hydroxide in strawberries: The Alpha-hydroxide in strawberries aid removing dead skin cells and skin cleaning. Vitamin C can help retaining health and vitality of skin. It is used as tuner for damaging skin.

The source of vitamin C and nutrients for the children: the strawberries are the excellent source of fiber and vitamin C that a cup of them can provides 80% of the children and teens’ body requires. The children need vitamin C to grow, repair body tissue, and boosting the immune system.

Increasing iron absorption by strawberries consumption: the best way of getting rid of Anemia is consuming strawberries. Therefore the strawberries consumption is recommended due to the vitamin C in them. It is a delicious medicine to avoid Anemia and it is suggested to consume it before your meal or with them for helping much iron absorption level.

Consuming strawberries with low calories and high fiber: fibers are important for feeding gut bacteria and improving the function of digestive system.  The strawberries with low calories, fibers, and simple sugar are the unique plant for reducing weight. Try to consume strawberries as daily snacks.

The powerful antioxidant for smoker lungs:  this is an excellent fruit due to fiber, vitamin C, nutrients, and antioxidant. Vitamin C supports blood circulation. Basically, red and blue colors in fruits can protect lungs health with age.

Reducing blood pressure and treatment of osteoporosis: it is the excellent source of potassium. This delicious and attractive fruit is unique for decreasing blood pressure and treating osteoporosis. It is also the best source of fiber and hydration that help you having healthy and regularly metabolism. Fiber and potassium are fantastic medicine to support heart health.

They are a strong detoxifier and source of Anthocyanin: the kidneys’ function is improved and anthocyanin is the red color in strawberries which help protecting body against damaging effect of oxidative.

Reducing blood pressure and improving vessels’ function: heart diseases are the most common cause of death in the world. Extensive studies on thousands of people have shown that, there is a direct relationship between consuming strawberries and improving heart health. So, death from heart diseases are greatly decreased by consuming them. The Strawberries lead to good blood platelet function and reduce blood pressure by decreasing cholesterol. They also have special effect on improving blood antioxidants situations, reducing oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, and improving heart function.

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Preventing type 2 diabetes: despite of genetic issue, some diets high in sugar is associated with an increased risk of obesity and diabetes diseases. So strawberries can decrease glucose digestive process and reduce insulin. It is recommended to consume dry strawberries if you don’t have fresh ones.

Reducing the risk of mouth, lungs, and liver cancer: The studies have shown that, consuming strawberries can play as a strong dam against cancer due to their fighting with oxidative stress and inflammation.

Useful for preventing and boosting the recovery process: this is the best source of strong antioxidants. Not only they don’t increase blood sugar but also they effect on balancing of blood sugar. Moreover, Consuming strawberries were recommended during corona virus (covid_19).

Increasing the probability of the fetus becoming a boy: changed the uterus PH and had a boy in result is another feature of consuming this delicious fruit.

Preventing prostate cancer and producing healthy sperm: to avoid prostate cancer by consuming organic vitamin C and producing healthy sperm in men by folic acid in strawberries. Generally, consuming strawberries increase sexual desire in both men and women.

To sum up, strawberries have Iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins B6, K, E.

Attention: the strawberries have protein which may create allergic to some people especially children. People who have thyroid must avoid consuming a lot because of creating disturbance. Allergic symptoms are mentioned below.

• Itching the mouth

• Headache

• Hives

• Swelling face, tongue, throat, and mouth.



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