Top-Quality Pomegranate Exports: Fresh and Flavorful

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Top-Quality Pomegranate Exports: Fresh and Flavorful

Top-Quality Pomegranate Exports: Fresh and Flavorful

It possibly derives from an old French word, pomme_ grenade. This is a tree or a shrub which is planted for fruit or beauty and it has long age. This plant is resistant to the drought. Pomegranate is a fruit with fleshy and juicy seeds which are red, white, or has color between them. It is round and it has thick reddish husk. Some fruitless varieties are only grown for their beauty.

What shape does it have?

Its shape is between grapefruit and lemon. It has hundreds of fleshy seeds which have sour and sweet flavor which are usually a combining of red and white color. They include different shapes such as triangle, square, oblate, conic, oblique, oval, and hexagon fleshy seeds which are surrounded by edible, spongy, thin and transparent membranes that play as some unequal booths that the fleshy seeds don’t stick to them and all of them are surrounded by stick reddish husk. A pomegranate has two layers which is hard outside and soft inside. Each pomegranate has a cavity on top which has round shape. Therefore this is a fruit which includes hundreds of berries inside when you open it.

What is the role of pomegranate in the art and culture?

It is popular in Iran and plays important role in Iran’s culture. Even in ancient Iranian Chosen soldiers had them on the top of their lances. Some Iranian regions use them in their ceremonies and it has particular place in Iranian Yalda’s night. Moreover, it is a sacred fruit and named as the fruit of heaven in Islam. It is also used in Iranian cuisine.

It was a symbol of prosperity and ambition in ancient Egyptians. It figures in various myths and artworks in ancient and modern Greece. Also it is a symbol of fertility, abundance, and fortune in Greece and India so, when a person buys a new home it is conventional in Greece that the guests bring pomegranate as a first gift.

This fruit contains six hundred thirteen seeds which present six hundred thirteen commandments of Torah. Therefore it is a sacred fruit in ancient Israel and Judaism, whereas some Jewish scholars believe that this fruit was banned in heaven.

It is obvious in many religious painting especially in the painting of Virgin Mary or her infant that they are holding an open pomegranate because they believe that a broken or open pomegranate is symbol of Jesus’ suffering and resurrection in European Christian.

This is one of the main fruit in Armenia and they have a particular pomegranate ceremony in their wedding.

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It is regarded as a symbol of Azerbaijan and they use it in their parades and dances.

It is symbol of offspring and fertility in China. It is also highly important in their culture.

It is symbol of abundance in Kurdistan carpets and it is considered as an important fruit.

What properties does it contain?

It is a source of fiber and nutrients. It includes, vitamins, vitamin K,78% water, 19%carbohydrates, 2% protein, and 1% fat.

It has antioxidants which is helpful to preventing inflammation thus you can have more antioxidants than green tea. Antioxidants help damaging cells so it is reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It also has other benefits such as, improves kidney health, improves workouts, and provides potassium.

Another property is antibacterial quality which protects your teeth from dental decay. Moreover it is a rich source of iron. Egyptians were used them as a treatment of infections. Egyptians were used them as a treatment of infections. Its husk is useful to treat skins problem like, acne, pimples, and rashes.

Attention:  although it is good for us but some people may be allergic to it and have some symptoms such as itching, swelling, runny nose, and respiratory problems. Also pomegranate juice may create drug interactions.

How can we use them?

You can consume it raw or use it in cuisine. It is also tasty as juice due to it has a mix of sweet and sour flavor. The best time to consume is in the mornings because it provides requiring daily energy. So, it is better to consume it before lunchtime. As mentioned above, you can use it in cuisine for instant as a dessert or add them in some kinds of cakes. They are also used as food garnishes. Some particular foods are called super foods that pomegranate is one of them due to rich in antioxidants.


What countries cultivate it?

It cultivates in a few countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Africa, India, and Turkey.

Generally it cultivates in Middle East.

Which countries produce it?

The top five producers’ countries are Iran, India, Turkey, Chin and the US.

Which countries export it?

Iran is the largest producer and exporter of pomegranate. China, India, The U.S.A, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Belgic export it, too.

Why do we suggest Arkadinapardis?

As mentioned above, Iran is the largest producer and exporter of pomegranate and regarding to the location of this reputable company which is located in Iran and it provides your needs with the best quality. Also, customer satisfaction, packing, and methods of transferring are super important for them. Therefore, you can trust it and achieve your goods easily, fast, and with the highest quality.



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