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Iran has long been one of the top five producers and exporters of pomegranates in the world. Although in recent years, competitors have stepped into the field of pomegranate production and export; But Iranian pomegranate still has its special and loyal customers. In this article, we will have a look

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Apple is one of the richest and most nutritious fruits in the world, whose properties determine the nutritional value of this fruit. The best apple seedlings; With a variety of more than 6000 different species, it is planted and harvested in different countries. The interesting thing about this fruit is

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Iran ranks seventh in terms of orange production in the world. Orange is a fruit that is specific to tropical and subtropical regions. Orange growing areas in Iran are in Mazandaran, Golestan and Gilan provinces in the north of Iran. In the south of Iran, most oranges are harvested in

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  Strawberries can be moved and planted in another place from the end of autumn, when it is half asleep, until the beginning of spring, before the plant wakes up. Therefore, it is possible to plant it in autumn and spring. If the plant is planted in autumn, the crop

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