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Arka Dina Pardis

Arka Dina Pardis is a trading Company focusing mainly on export and import.
We provide a wide variety of products to be shipped all in good and safe conditions.

We believe the quality and the guarantee we provide as a service to our partners and customers come first as our main goal.

A professional and qualified team at Arka Dina is there for you to consult your way through what you need and plan your financials and shipments with us.
We’re highly interested in any cultural and industrial worthy goods according to our needs too.
What matters to us is the quality and fairness of our partnerships for the sake of our customers and ours for sure.


Iran is located in Southwest Asia and the Middle East region. Iran has  common land boundaries with Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Sea border with the Caspian Sea, The Oman sea and Persian Gulf and have a unique position in terms of access for trade  communications.


Our company provides a variety of goods possible to be exported. They all include from food ingredients such as our natural fruits, sea products, vegetables and dried fruits. We’re professionally involve in petrochemical industry (importing, exporting, producing. Our unique way of making the process easy as my as possible for both parties is out initial goal.


Through our years of activity, we’ve been fortunately trusted with the way we arrange ourbusiness. Importing goods from other countries have always been an interesting opportunity for our market and we welcome good quality and a good partnership/ business.

Due to the presence of our representatives in some foreign countries, the process of importing these products has been facilitated, and has increased our business partners’ confidence in trading. Below, you will see pictures and videos of a number of products imported by Arkadina Pardis from a number of European and Asian countries.



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Saffron and dried fruits- Fruits – Kinds of Canned- fish and sea food – summer crops

According to the type of product purchased or sold, suitable method for carrying the desired container to be selected to receive the undamaged way in Iran or other countries Business Partners  And our customers can, by receiving advice and guidance from  Arkadina in field of transportation, the best  Shipping method, whether aerial, sea, road or rail, and the most  suitable packing method for carrying your products,  selection of exports or imports, know the latest international transport  laws, and be assured of The right to complete their business.

Arka Dina Pardis is fully prepared to provide consultancy services and perform foreign exchange affairs. We have a secure experience of international payments with external bank accounts  making payments and foreign exchange work easy and low risk experience for our customers.



Working with Arkadina was a great experience for me and I am really grateful for their speed and good support
Arkadina's food products are excellent and I am very happy to have access to attractive Iranian food this way. The Arkadina team is very professional and I feel satisfied working with this team.
John Schmidt


About Arkadinapardis

About Arkadinapardis

Having a trading company needs some situations such as participating in international seminars and exhibitions that help introducing your company in the world. There are

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