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Exotic Anthurium Exports: Global Beauty

Exotic Anthurium Exports: Global Beauty

At first they were grown in Amazon jungle two hundred years ago. They were bigger than today ones due to climate changes. They are shade plants which should be kept out of direct sunlight.

What characteristics do they have?

They have different types and heights. They also have various colors such as: red, green, yellow, pink, orange, and white. They are also good for decoration in workplace or house due to these houseplants are one of the purify plants and purify indoors by its wide leaves. Some types of them are fragrance and have sweet smelling.

What do they symbolized?

They are symbols of hospitality and warmth. Some people believe that they bring fortune and drive away the devil. Furthermore They are symbols of joyful and cheerful so human mood is changed wherever they are.

How long do they live?

They live around five years or more if you care them properly such as cutting their stem and putting them in a warm and humid place.

What uses do they have?

You can cut their stems and put them in boiling bowl then incense, Because of their benefits for muscle spasm, Arthritis, and Rheumatism. Moreover, if you want an interesting and cozy Christmas atmosphere, you can use them. Because Christmas tree decorates with colorful decorations so they can bring the emotion of cheerful

In what climates do they grow?

They prefer warm temperature so you can put them by the window to get the sunlight indirectly. They are growing best in high humid places like bathroom. They can’t tolerate cold or freezing conditions.

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Is it safe to sleep next to the plants at night?

Although they release carbon dioxide and uses oxygen at night but it produces extra oxygen during the day furthermore you can sleep well next to the plant, so no worries they are completely safe to share your rooms with them.

What methods can we use to keep them?

Light: indirectly sunlight is highly important due to direct sunlight will burn their leaves.

Watering system:  they should be humid so, it’s better to irrigate them twice a week in hot months and once a week in cold months. If you irrigate a lot, their leaves are getting to yellow and less irrigating creates brown leaves.

Soil: Mixing coarse soil in a pot is perfect and highly recommended.


Temperature and humidity: these are tropical plants so, warm and humid provide the best conditions for them to grow healthily and fast. You can put them out if you live in a humid place.

Fertilization: using liquid fertilizer which including high phosphorus.

Pests and diseases: special gardening oils and some soap will help preventing them from pests and diseases.

Changing the pot: normally after two years, you should change the pot and use the big ones due to their roots are growing.

Attention that: they are poisonous to touch and touching them creates sever itching, irritating, and burning therefore, using gloves and washing your hands are super important afterwards.

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