Global Rose Exports: Nature’s Beauty Worldwide

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Global Rose Exports: Nature’s Beauty Worldwide

Global Rose Exports: Nature’s Beauty Worldwide

The name of rose comes from Iranian Avestan book. It is also called the queen of garden due to its beauty and popularity in the world. Nowadays this flower is a symbol of love, romance, and passion in the world. It also is symbol of Valentine’s Day all around the world and it is used for other anniversaries.

What characteristics does it have?

It is different in size and color. It contains vary color such as, red, blue, white, cream, pink, purple, yellow, and orange.

What does it symbolize?

Moreover it is mentioned in Art, literature, religion, and Greek mythology because Greek mythology believed that first white rose was appeared during the birth of Aphrodite the goddess of purity and it sprang up wherever she walked. This flower is one of the heaven flower and holly in Islamic countries. Prophet Mohammad( peace be upon him) said: this flower is symbol of divine manifestation.

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What uses does it have?

This is known as garden flower due to it can grow in gardens or outdoors easily. Cultivating rose is not only beautiful but also has different properties, such as perfume, tea, jam, and other uses. Its perfume is helpful to sleep well and calms nerves.

How long does it live?

They are different for instance the modern roses live only 6 to 10 years whereas some species live 50 or more which is based on exceptional cares.

In what climates does it grow?

Warm climate is the best for them and they prefer it but they are highly adaptable.

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What is rose water and what uses does it have in Iran?

Rose water is used since ancient time because it is a kind of medicine, cuisine, and perfume in Iran. It is also used during religion celebration and mourning due to it makes pleasure and relax.

How do the roses export?

The roses process of exporting are indicated below:

1- First, they selected and cut them.

2- Second, they are kept in a room with appropriate temperature.

3- Third, their extra leaves are removed.

4- Fourth, they are graded.

5- Then, they are sorted.

6- Next, they are bunched.

7- After that, their stem are cut.

8- Post cooling is the final process.

Why do we recommend Arkadinapardis?

Roses are known as Mohammadi flower in Iran. And this is a native plant which has been cultivated several thousand years. Furthermore this company is located in Iran and presents high quality goods under the standard rules along with attractive packing which retains quality during transferring process


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