The different types of rose flowers

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The different types of rose flowers

The different types of rose flowers

People show their feelings by sending or giving flower and rose flowers are always symbol of love especially red ones and they have different colors such as red, yellow, white, pink, etc.

They are beautiful so people would like to plant them in their house gardens or give them as presents. They also use in different ceremonies. As mentioned above, each color is a symbol and has spatial significant which first we define the meaning of each color briefly.

Red roses: these roses are most popular in the world and they are attractive and adorable. They are symbol of pure, innocence, and deep love. Therefore, these flowers are used most by lovers or in anniversary, weddings or related ceremonies.

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Blue roses: they are symbol of calmness and eternal love. On the other hand they are symbol of mystery according to the stories. There weren’t blue roses first and they are created by modifying genetics.

Pink roses: they are symbol of pure and deep love or symbol of gratitude of some one’s efforts. They are sometimes symbol of happiness.

White roses: they are symbol of purity, respect, calmness, and innocence that they usually use in wedding and related ceremonies.

Purple roses: they are less popular but they are symbol of charm, praise, and love at first sight. They are also symbol of majesty and monarchy.

Yellow roses: they are the best gift for colleague due to they are symbol of respect and friendship. They sometimes use as symbol of happiness and holiness.

Orange roses: they are symbol of passion and they have the same meaning with red ones.

Black roses: they are one of the rarest ones because they are completely natural. Their originality is from a Turkish country.

In addition, all of them are symbols of love and passion that each of them is used in special situation.

There are different types of rose flowers that are mentioned here.

Iranian rose flowers: they are the most famous type in the world due to have bright and tender leaves.

Dutch rose flowers: they are the second popular type after Iranian ones and they have a bit dark leaves but their leaves are wider and bigger than Iranian ones.

Rambler roses: you can find them by the walls, gardens, and fences. So, they create beautiful views wherever they are.

Miniature rose flowers: they are the small samples of rose flowers with the exact characteristics and beauty but they have more different diversity than the big ones.

Hybrid tea roses: they are one of the most popular types that are sometimes called French roses. They are well known due to their pleasant smell and attractive color. They have yellow leaves with pink edges.

Floribunda roses: they are created with the combination of four types. They have enormous stems and they are suitable for gardens and vases.

Shrub roses: they not only have bushes but also contain tress. In this case, male and female flowers grow together at the same time and places.

What is an old garden rose?

This would be a term for the rose with many petals. They have many types that we named and explained them briefly in this page.

Damask rose: they have unique smell and flavor. They are used in cuisine especially in Iran and people use their extract (Rose water) sine past.

types of roses

Tea rose: they are the oldest types which are popular due to pleasant smell and big petals.

types of roses

Chinese rose or red tea: if you like sour tea, you’ll definitely love them. They are useful for healthy.

types of roses

Rosa muscosa: they are called Rosa Bourbon that they have pleasant smell and they are pretty so they are famous among gardener. They also have tree bushes.

types of roses

White rose of york: they are almost white and they have mild scent and their stems don’t have thorns or have a few.

types of roses

Rosa centifolia: they have low petals rather than others so each stem has several flowers.

types of roses

Rosa Hybrid Perpetual: their flowering seasons are from spring to autumn.

types of roses


Sweet briar: they have very delicate flowers and their unique feature is there is their pleasant fragrance.

types of roses

Isfahan roses: they are one branch of damask rose that some people believe that they are transferred to Europe through the wars but no one knows their exact origin.

types of roses

Tiger roses: they have different roses with the combination of yellow and red colors. And red color is in different range from dark to light.

types of roses

rugosa roses: being flexible and acceptable are the important factors but having many thorns can be their weakness.

types of roses

There are some types that are able to grow automatically and they live in earth for million years. Some of them are mentioned here.

Rosa Gallica: it is called French roses but they aren’t come from French. They are used in French perfumes.

types of roses

Rosa foetida: they are yellow and they grow in fall. They have edible fruit, too.

types of roses

Rosa gigantean: we can declare that most rose flowers are come from them and they are similar to bignonia.

types of roses

Cluster roses: They made of the combination of two types of rose flowers. Furthermore, the stems in them divided to several branches.

types of roses

Lusia roses: they are white and they are unique and they have the ability of spread on the ground.

types of roses

As indicated above, there are many types of rose flowers with different characteristics in colors and shapes. Generally they are always popular for their beauty.

Why the roses are the symbol of love and passion?

The roses are symbol of love and passion due to their beautiful and they are related to Aphrodite and Adonis. Adonis is the god of beauty and desire. According to mythology, Aphrodite has the great beauty that the roses sprang up wherever she went.

What are the facts about roses?

There are some facts about roses that here you will recognize five interesting facts.
• Rose flower might be the oldest flower.
• All types of roses are edible.
• Rose flower is the England national flower.
• Rose flowers have different types.
• Each their color has spatial meaning.

Do roses require more attention?

Some old type of them need low attention but modern ones need high attention.

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