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Global Delicacy: Exported Shrimp Excellence

They are decapod crustaceans. They have feeble, fragile, and thin legs whereas lobster and crabs have strong and powerful legs. Thousands types of shrimp were identified in different zones and ecosystems such as sea, rivers, and lakes. They are living for a short time for instance one to seven years. They also live alone except during reproduction that they create enormous gatherings. They have different size between two to twenty five centimeters. Big and fleshy shrimp are more popular and they are more economics so they are targeted for commercial and trading. Some large of them have muscular tails that are edible for human. They are the best source of food for large animals such as whales and fish so they have high nutritional value in the nature and food chain. They consist of two main parts: head chest, and long muscular abdomen with long narrow muscular tail. The abdomen has six segments and they have different colors in range of white, pink, grey, and green according to temperature, salinity, food, and diseases of their locations. Female ones in freshwater can store different sperm from several partners therefore they can produce different progeny whereas some of them release sperm and ovum in the water. After sixteen hours, the eggs are fertilized and hatch. They move their tail rapidly in a backward dart that called cardioid escape reaction in alarm situations.

Where do Shrimps live most?

They live all around the world in lakes, rivers, sea, and oceans. Most of them prefer salinity and live there but a few of them live in sweet water. Most of them live in the water except two types which live in jungle or land for a considerable period of time. Most of them are omnivorous but some special shrimp have particular modes of feeding. Several types of them are kept in aquarium at home to control algae or just for beauty.

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What properties do Shrimps have?

Most of them are frozen or solid and they contain a lot of minerals such as omega3, fatty acids, protein, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. A shrimp has significant cholesterol depending on way of preparation. It is good for circulatory system. Some evidences have shown that people used them since past. Although they include thousands specious that people only consume twenty types of them. The shrimp productions are increased by increasing demand. However it includes several nutrients, some people are allergic to the seafood.

shrimp export

Some advantages are mentioned below.

• Preventing hair loss: despite genetic the most men and women have this problem due to lack of Zink, poor diet, and environment. Therefore consuming shrimp is helpful because of rich in Zink.

• Increasing number of red blood cells: vitamin A and B12 help producing red blood cells and as everybody knows these red blood cells carry oxygen in result increase oxygen.

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• Improving Thyroid function: thyroid glands need iodine so shrimp is one source of it due to they are living in marine.

• Creating firm and strong bones: shrimp includes nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, Zink, and vitamin D that help strength and rebuild of bones.

• Reducing menstrual pain and cramps: lots of elements effect on menstrual pain that one of them will be inflammation so omega3 and omega6 in shrimp can decrease them because they have anti-inflammation property.

• Increasing prostate health: many diseases may threat prostate gland that shrimp due to rich in minerals, Zink, and selenium can reduce prostate cancer.

shrimp export

What countries have them most?

The largest shrimp producer countries are China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Thailand. Iran due to Persian Gulf in south has variety specious of shrimp. And take a look to their appearance when you want to buy them such as smell, eye, tail, abdomen, head, and etc.

What countries export them?

The top five exporting countries are Ecuador, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Argentina. Some other countries export them such as Iran.

Why do we recommend ArkadinaPardis?

This is a reputable company based in Iran that provides the best shrimp. quality and attractive packing are important for them as well as customer satisfaction and way of transferring. Therefore to obtain the best shrimp easily and fast you can select this company.

What characteristics do the fresh shrimps have?

There are many ways to identify fresh shrimps such as color, shape, smell, and flesh.

Can we consume raw shrimps?

There are many reasons to avoid consuming raw shrimps. The one and important reason is food poisoning.

With what foods can shrimps be consumed?

There are many foods with shrimps such as shrimps and rice, Alfredo pasta and shrimps, avocado and shrimps salad, etc.

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