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Global Sturgeon Caviar : Finest Caviar Exports

Caviar Exports

Global Sturgeon Caviar : Finest Caviar Exports

Its originated is Iran and it is called the black pearl of the Caspian Sea. In fact they are unfertilized eggs of female fish. The most common and native species of sturgeon in the Caspian Sea are Beluga, Sterlet, Kaluge, Hybrid, Osserta, Sevruga, and Siberian. The sturgeons have hundreds of millions years oldness that are called alive fossils. They have 27 types that six of them live in the Caspian Sea. The Five types of them are the best in the world among these 6 female fish. Due to its salty and slimy texture, it has unique flavor. Its benefits for treating diseases were well known since past due to its population was reduced by much fishing. However, it produces in the caviar farms and exports around the world. Furthermore it was an aristocratic and noble food in 10th century. It is consumed as a garnish or spread. As mentioned above, some native species are popular in the world that living in the Caspian Sea. The beluga sturgeon is the rarest and costliest species in the Caspian Sea that has range color from pale silver to black.

What features does Caviar have?

Consuming sturgeon requires some factors that are named in following.

The first quality factor is their texture, in the other word, having tightness and high value. The second factor is flavor quality, such as: butter flavor, creaminess, and mild or brine fish.

Tip: The caviar was taken by massaging from the sturgeon includes high value rather than by killing it.

Caviar Exports

What activities does the ecology do for these rarest species?

Unfortunately, these rarest species are endangered due to pollution especially sewage entry, overfishing, and smuggling. The beluga specious live in the Caspian Sea and black sea that the United States fish and wild life was prohibited importing beluga in 2006 to save them. Just after that, exporting caviar was banned and this contract was partly lifted later.

What properties does Caviar have?

The caviar has high nutritional value due to rich in protein, calcium, phosphorous, Iron, magnesium, selenium, and vitamin B1 that help growing, functioning of nerve system, and producing DNA. It also includes vitamins A,E, K, D, B2, B6, B12, and B44. Moreover it is source of omega 3 and essential Amino acids.

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Here, we have mentioned to some of them briefly.

Vitamins: vitamin A that help boosting immune system and plays the role in the growth of all cells. Vitamin E plays the role as antioxidants and prevents cell damaging. It also helps boosting immune system. Furthermore it includes vitamin K, D, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, B12, Folate, Pantothenic acid, Choline, and Betaine.

Nutrients: rich in Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, and Calcium. Zinc is well known as minerals to boost the immune helps more producing white blood cells in essential body situations. Selenium and Iron in caviar help boosting blood cells in face with invasion of bacteria.

Essential fat: Omega 3 fat acids help immune system by producing chemicals products. Avoiding heart diseases, firmness, and articular pain.

Protein and essential Amino Acid: protein is an important element of cells for creating bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. The caviar contains the highest protein quality. It contains vital amino acids.

Calorie: as mentioned above it includes both nutrients and calories. Therefore, you should consume it enough and avoid exaggeration.

Preventing depression: some studies have shown that some people suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental problems can improve by omega 3 fat acids. The caviar may treat Rheumatoid arthritis, stomach, intestinal diseases, and some types of cancers.

Caviar Exports

Preventing heart diseases: Omega3 fat acids are useful for preventing and managing heart diseases. They also reduce heart beats, stiffness of blood vessels and blood pressure. Increasing good cholesterol level and avoiding blood castration. Thus they prevent heart attack.

Skin health: omega 3 in caviar help improving skin diseases and having anti-aging skin properties. Permanent consuming help treating skin diseases such as dry skin.

Brain and mental health: retaining brain and metal health are highly important these days. Consuming caviar may improve behavior disorder and retain brain also reduces brain inflammation and help people with Alzheimer.

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Boosting bones: it is rich in zinc, magnesium, Iron, and calcium. You can consume them if you are allergic to dairy products. Thus it is very important to emphasize on the consumption of calcium and vitamin D at the beginning of youth.

Maintaining hair health: it is super excellent for maintaining hair health. Consuming or even caviar extract can shine and strengthen hair. The studies have shown that protein and antioxidants in caviar are useful for hair.

Which countries have caviar?

Iran and Russia are rich in caviar. China, France, Italy, the U.S.A, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, and Israel produce caviar via Farm fish.

In addition, Iran and Russia dominate caviar market due to they are located around the Caspian Sea. Therefore, they have the highest quality caviar.

Why do we suggest ArkadinaPardis Company?

As mentioned above, this reputable company is located in Iran where rich in high quality caviar. Quality, customer satisfaction, and packing are highly important elements for this company. Moreover you can provide your needs easily and fast.

Can we consume fish roe instead of caviar?

Yes, you can. Caviar is rare and expensive so, you can use other marine eggs such as fish roe to obtain the same benefits.

What food recipes have caviar?

Some ingredients can out stand the taste of caviar such as egg, lemon, cheese, fruit, and butter. So you can consume them with caviar. There are some recipes with these ingredients.

With what foods can caviar be consumed?

You can consume caviar as your breakfast, appetizer, side dish, and dessert. It is used in spaghetti, sandwich, on boiled eggs, and with test or drinks

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