What is the difference between 5W_30 and 10W_30?

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What is the difference between 5W_30 and 10W_30?

difference between 5W_30 and 10W_30

What is the difference between 5W_30 and 10W_30?

There are many types of motor oils such as 5W_40, 5W_30, 10W_30, 10W_40, 15W_40, and 20W_50.

There is a big difference between 5W_30 and 10W_30.

You are able to select the best one regarding to your driving style, your car engine, and the model of your car.

What is the difference between 5W_30 and 10W_30?

As you see there are numbers and letters on each bottle that the number before W shows the motor oil viscosity at low temperatures and the number after W describes the motor oil thickness. So, 5W_30 is lighter and 10W_30 is heavier.

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Thus different situations need different viscosity in engines so less pressure to turn requires low viscosity and more pressure to turn requires high viscosity.

Recently, these two types (5W_30 and 10W_30) are more popular between car owners. Car owners also prefer the oils with the high performance and more economics.

5W_30 is appropriate for lower temperature and 10W_30 is suitable for heavier engines.

There are some differences are shown in this table.

difference between 5W_30 and 10W_30


Which is better 5W30 or 10W30?

Due to the advance technology and newer cars, it’s better to use 5W30 because they are lighter than 10W30 and they flow easier and faster. It is the best choice in summertime.

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10W30 oil is suitable for older cars due to high viscosity and has a longer life and can tolerate higher temperatures.

Does mileage contain as an important factor?

There isn’t any definitive answer to this question but it is recommended to use heavier weight oil such as 10W30 for high mileage engines. It’s better to use your car manufacturer’s recommendations or consult with your car’s owner’s manual to select the best oil.

10W30 is thinner than some other varieties and it is suitable for cars that have high mileage. And thicker oils are suitable for cold and freezing weathers.

Some people believe that 5W30 is suitable for old cars because it has lower viscosity and flows easily. Thicker oils get the engine cooler and increase engine life. So, it is more suitable for old cars which get hotter soon.

In conclusion, 5W30 is better for your car due to it is thinner and flows easily and fast.

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