What are the characteristics of good engine oils?

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What are the characteristics of good engine oils?

engine oil

What are the characteristics of good engine oils?

To respond this question, the motor oil is a combination of petroleum based on oil with some additives such as anti-rust, anti-weld, cleaning materials, and antioxidants.

What are the motor oil duties?

The motor oil’s important duties are lubricating and reducing engine wear while working. Other duties are washing inside the engine, keeping motor parts clean, and chilling motor parts out.

How can we recognize the best motor oil?

Motor oil is important so, it must have a permanent presence in the engine and using high quality of motor oil is essential. Motor oil quality depends on several factors that are survived in this page.

What are those several factors?

• Having proper viscosity

• Very low friction coefficient

• Having the ability of lubricating  different moving parts of the motor

• Adjusting with polymeric components and having high inhibitory effects against oxidation, rust, wear, and corrosion.

Furthermore higher the viscosity cause greater the absorption of oil molecules. High quality motor oil is stable in cold and hot climate otherwise it can disturb your car. It’s better to choose high quality motor oil which has sustainable oxidative property.

Reducing oxidative property cause avoiding wear and corrosion.

Moreover two types of motor oils are in the markets. They are multi grade and mono grade that recently multi grade are recommended due to the advanced technology used in them.

engine oil
engine oil

The experts believe that clear engine oil after many days working proves its low qualified because normally it should be darker. Also, mixing the new motor oil with the old one cause to fail the new motor oil properties and reducing new motor oil functions. Good motor oil protects against rust and corrosion. Reducing metal to metal contact is another main duty due to the motor oil creates a protective layer. Most of them are created from additives that delete impurities and deposits from the oil. There are gaps in pistons and cylinders that good motor oil fills them.

How long can we use them?

The duration of using motor oil depends on different elements which are mentioned bellow.

• The conditions work of the car motor such as moving with heavy loads, high speed, driving in cold or in humidity climate and much turning on and off the car, and car running on the spot.

• Mechanical quality of the motor especially fuel system, injectors, and electrical status.

• The motor oil quality and fuel consumption.

• The quality of the air and oil filters (it is recommended to change motor oil when you change the oil filter).

• Type, style, and date of producing motor oil

• The duration of saving motor oil in the tank

How can we distinct original and fake motor oil?

• Improving useful life span: High quality motor oils can improve extending the life of motor oils and cleaning inside motor parts.

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• Having large label: Their labels show their originality that big companies usually use large labels with brand names and holograms.

• Without bad smelling: it may unbelievable that original motor oils don’t have bad smell and they are completely odorless.

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• Having clear color: original motor oil has clear color and fake motor oil usually attract all pollution.

What is the meaning of grade in motor oil?

The range of oil numbers are from high to low that high number has thick oil but low number has thin oil. The thin oil flew faster.

What are the grades?

You definitely see the numbers and letters on each bottle and there are many different grades for instance 5W_40, 5W_30, 10W_30, 10W_40, 15W_40, and 20W_50.

engine oil


There are three types of motor oils which the most famous are synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional oil. Each of them is used in different temperatures.

Which grade is the best?

It is recommended that 5W_20 and 5W-30 are suitable for cold weather in reverse in hotter season it’s better to use 10W_30 motor oil. The number before W shows the motor oil viscosity at low temperatures and the number after w describes the motor oil thickness. For example 10W_30 motor oil means the viscosity in cold temperature is at 10W and in hot temperature is at 30. In addition, 5W_20 and 5W_30 are the most common grades and 0W_20 is the fastest.

Generally, the size of motor engine and the pathway of flowing motor oil in the engine effect on oil viscosity.

As we mentioned above viscosity refers to pour the oil in low temperature and thin oil can pour easily rather than thick oil.

How can we choose the correct one?

To select the proper one it’s better to attention to the operating temperature of the oil due to higher viscosity is suitable for high operating oil temperature. In opposite, low viscosity is appropriate for low operating oil temperature.  The benefits of lower motor oils: longer engine life, less emission, more economic, and have better performance.

The advantages of higher motor oil: in wider temperature range the higher viscosity remains more stable.

What is synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils are expensive and they have additives. They are obtained through chemicals components in laboratories and it can penetrate in the small spots and lubricated them.

What is semi synthetic oil?

This is the combination of synthetic and normal oil. It doesn’t have all full synthetic properties and it has low price.

What is viscosity?

It is one of the most factors in opting motor oil. Zero number shows the lowest viscosity that flows easily and fast. The viscosity increases and flows harder by moving toward the number sixty.

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