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Having a trading company needs some situations such as participating in international seminars and exhibitions that help introducing your company in the world. There are some resources in a country while there aren’t in others so these companies are in charge of trading the products among countries to provide people desires and their functions are similar to human body’s vessels.

Here in this paper you will recognize some elements of a reputable trading company.

1. The first important element is innovation.  Using innovation in producing or delivering the products that Arkadina Pardis is pioneer by its young updated team.

2. The second element is business interaction. Expanding brand around the world and taking the opportunities to monetization and expansion of the company. All of mentioned targets need a unique and careful plan that Arkadinapardis provides all mentioned situations.

3. The third factor is investing and cooperating. All reputable companies participate in investing and collaborating to increase company’s income and benefit. Many projects are invested by Arkadina pardis. So, this company has several good conditions.

4. Welcoming new ideas to change or revise prior methods. As everyone knows, everything is beging updated permanently and each company has some week points or old methods that team members can correct them by giving new practical ideas. Arkadinapardis is more welcoming new ideas and support them correctly.

5. Customer satisfaction is the fifth duty. Customer satisfaction and attract new clients are essential for expanding a company’s brand but both of them require two factors which are presenting high quality products with reasonable prices that this point is extremely important for Arkadina pardis because of loyalty and being reliable are two important terms for them.

6. Using other experiences. A reputable company usually has both long term and short term goals but they reach short term goals first and try to move step by step cautiously by using other company’s or entrepreneurs’ experiences.

About Arkadinapardis

7. Having wide point of views. Most prosper companies have wide point of views in working and expanding their brands in future. There are many point of views are existed for improving and expanding Arkadina pardis company.

8. Changes in products and presents new products or the way of packing can absorb clients to increase purchase. Daily updating and updated desires need strong and modern ideas that Arkadina pardis always attention to use updated methods to satisfy customers as well.

9. Having a great team. People who work in a company can enhance the grade of company by presenting their new ideas. Especially having young and innovative employers can speed up raising the grade of a company that most people who work in Arkadina pardis are young creative people.

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10. Having trading experts. The experts help you recognizing markets and people desires in several fields and presenting the way of taking customers attraction by analyzing markets that the team in Arkadinapardis is made of some experts next to the young employers.

11. Having virtual advertisements. Nowadays most people use internet or watch television as modern hobbies so they are becoming the biggest source of advertising instead of billboards so you can help them to present your company that Arkadinapardis is well known in its region and country.

12. Having attractive logo. Most famous companies are known as their brands and less people know about their owners. Therefore, having attractive and memorable logo help people remembering you easily and fast that Arkadina pardis cover this matter completely.

13. Having trading cards and attention to your company restriction lines as well as being flexible. Having trading cards help the company developing and try to never decrease company’s level by passing the restrictions.

Altogether, customer satisfaction is always the first priority of each company because of they can only determine the company’s future and help them to improve and expand the company well that at first it requires finding a correct branch by analyzing and construct its foundation that means the experts analyze markets as well as possible till discover people desires and respond them properly that an innovative teamwork help speeding the process up and help elevating the situation and level of the company by wisdom suggestions.

What are the basic elements of an organization?

There are four basic elements which are individual business, entirety, corporation, and restricted responsibility of the company.

What is the main purpose of a strong company?

A strong company at first looks for in the market and find the gape then provide what people seek for.

What are the strong points of a business?

• Having a good relationship with the customers.
• Having a good internal communications.
• Having an excellent knowledge of the products.
• Having successful marketing strategies.
• Having innovation and reputation.
• Having high traffic location.

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