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Iranian stone is exported to many countries. This industry has an active market in countries such as China and the United Arab Emirates. Iranian stone is also exported to Europe. The countries of Italy, Germany, England, France, Belgium and Poland in Europe and the countries of South America, Australia and Japan are importers of Iranian stone. Iran is the eighth country with construction stone mines. Almost 80% of all types of building stones exist and are mined in Iran. Many Iranian building stones are among the highest quality stones in the world. With the export of Iranian stones, these stones are known all over the world as Iran. Most of Iran’s stone mines are located in the cities of Isfahan, Kermanshah, Mahalat, and Qom; including Hajiabad stone and Dehbid marble. Dehbid marble is known in the world for its quality and color.This does not mean that our other stones are not of high quality; Rather, they may not be known in the world. This is a proof of the necessity of marketing and branding in the field of stone export. The types of stones are classified into several categories: marble, marble, travertine, granite, etc. Marble has a higher quality than other types of stone. All these stones have their own use in the construction industry. Due to the weight of the load, the stones are transported by land and sea.

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