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The presence of minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, omega 3, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins such as B, B12 and vitamin D in shrimps has made them among the best food in the world and at least every family should have them once every 2 weeks. Eat these delicious and good shrimps, shrimps are effective for treating cardiovascular diseases, preventing and reducing cancer in the body of all living beings, and helping to control brain damage, and this is the reason for the high consumption of shrimps all over the world, especially in The East. The quality of Iranian shrimp is so excellent that its position in the world markets cannot be neglected. Iranian shrimp is rich in vitamin B12 and quality protein, which is very beneficial for bodybuilding athletes and improves muscle growth and essential hormones by providing the body with essential amino acids. One of the most famous types of shrimp in the Persian Gulf of Iran is lobster or king shrimp, which is considered a useful and luxurious seafood among people. One of the most important benefits of king shrimp is its abundant and high-quality protein, which is popular among dieters and increases the volume of muscles and, as a result, the shape of the body. Lobster contains calcium and is very useful in preventing osteoporosis and maintaining bone strength, and the vitamin D present in its meat causes calcium absorption. In addition, the presence of calcium keeps the nerves healthy.

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