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Lilies or Lilium ledebourii is One of the most valuable natural features of Iran is the different climates that exist in its different parts. This climatic diversity has caused unique plants to grow in every part of Iran. 

Types of Lilium


Asiatec is the first variety of Lilium flowers. , does not have a special LiliumLilium Asiatic, which is another name for ordinary scent and its flowers are smaller than other species. The color range of Asiatec is and white,usually orange, yellow, red. 


Lilium flower or oriental lily is one of the most fragrant species among the types of Lilium flowers and the fragrance produced from them is very pleasant, especially in the evening and at night. The size of the oriental flower can sometimes be as big as a dinner plate and the number of bud production in the stem is also high in this species. Lilium flower or oriental lily in a wide range of colors such as red, purple, yellow, pink lily flower, white lily flower, etc. there are. In some species, there are spots on the petals of the plant, while some varieties do not have these spots. At the end of the growth period, this type of Lilium will have a height of more than one meter.

Orinpet lilies

One of the best types of lilies (Lilium) is the Orinpet species, which is very suitable for planting and adding beauty to the garden in the summer season. The species of Orinpet consists of the crossing of Oriental and Trumpet lilies, whose buds have a shallow shape before opening. The flowers produced from this species are sometimes 25 to 30 cm in size and come in a wide range of colors such as yellow, white, red, and orange. The outer flowers of this type of Lilium flower are highly fragrant and are very tall in terms of height, so that in some varieties, their height has been observed even up to 2 meters, and finally, it can be said that these cut flowers are very It produces beauty.

LA hybrid

The LA hybrid is of the variety of Lilium flowers is genetically from the Asiatec species and Easter lilies, originated so that the flowers produced by them are larger than the Asiatec species, and in terms of the color spectrum, the spectrum They have a wider range. The LA hybrid species produces cut flowers that do not have a special aroma when they open. This species is suitable for beautifying open spaces due to the production of large buds and high height.



Longiflorum lilies are known as Easter lilies and this species has always been very popular among flower and plant lovers due to its classic appearance. The petals of this type of lily are very similar to the trumpet type and the outer color of their petals is white. It is interesting to know that Easter lilies do not have a special fragrance, but they can survive and continue to live in very low temperatures like 20 degrees Celsius.

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