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Different types of metals are used in various industries today. But without a doubt, one of the most important types of metals used is iron. Iron ore is extracted from identified mines and after processing and purification, it is used to produce all kinds of metal structures. Today’s advanced industries andcivilizations largely require steel and cast iron structures made from this stone. Iron ore  is a type of ore containing traces of iron (Fe) that must be purified to be used. In order to purify this stone, the process of melting and regeneration must be done in furnaces in the usual way today. This stone is one of the most abundant metals in the earth, so it can be said that about 5% of the earth’s crust is made up of iron oxide. There are various iron ore mines in Iran.Each of these stones, which are extracted from different mines, have their own characteristics. In Iran, iron ore mineral deposits are divided into several regions. This classification is based on the proximity of iron deposits to each other.
1. Arak-Malair
2. Kerman-Yazd region, which includes several different mines. These mines are:
Jalalabad Zarand iron ore mine, Gol Gohar mine, Chagharat iron mine and Bafaq
iron mine.
3. Isfahan – Kashan region
4. Khorasan region
5. Tehran – Qom – Qazvin region
6. Persian Gulf region
The above are all iron ore mining areas.

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