Hydraulic Oil Export: Quality Solutions for Global Demands

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Hydraulic Oil Export: Quality Solutions for Global Demands

Hydraulic Oil Export

Hydraulic Oil Export: Quality Solutions for Global Demands

Hydraulic oil or hydraulic fluid is called a liquid which is responsible to transfer the power in hydraulic machines. It divides to four divisions, such as mechanical excavators, steering system, hydraulic brakes and also hydraulic transmission system in which it is equal to zero.

Hydraulic system produces much heat when it is working. In some cases, it happens due to the engines and pumps operation. If this heat can’t exit, it will cause of damaging a hydraulic system.

What are the uses of hydraulic oil?

You can use it in different fields such as, construction, agriculture, medicine, food, mining, aviation, aerospace industries, steel, shipbuilding, chemicals, environmental technology, food, and others.

How many types does it have?

It has four types which have mentioned bellow:

• Water based hydraulic fluids

• Petroleum based hydraulic fluids

• Synthetic blend hydraulic fluids

• Biodegradable hydraulic fluids

What are the most important tasks of it?

1.Transferring the power: you can create high power with less friction by hydraulic oil.

2.cooling the equipment: the pump and the motor heated up when operated and the heat created damaging so the oil causes cooling

3.Cleaning the equipment: you can prevent chemicals reactions with water and omit pollutions such as suspended particles by using different filters.

Hydraulic Oil Export

General duties are below:

1. Transferring the power

2. Reducing friction and erosion

3. Lubrication

4. Protection of rusting system components

5. Adjusting with all system components

When do we have to change the hydraulic oil?

1. Changing its color to dark or matt

2. Foaming the oil

3. Smelling the burning smell of hydraulic oil

4. Hardening the hydraulic oil

5. Reducing the amount of hydraulic oil level

6. Oxidation of hydraulic oil due to the pollution

What countries have the most oil?

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Venezuela, and Canada have the most oil. Moreover, Iran is the third largest oil producer so this country is a major producer.

What country does it export?

As mentioned above, Iran is one of the largest oil and natural gas exporter in the world and Iran also exports steering hydraulic oil the most because it is the most widely used hydraulic oil in cars.

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