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how to buy persian saffron?

Why Persian Saffron Is Essential in Every Pantry???

Saffron is considered one of the most valuable and prized herbs due to its wonderful aroma and flavor. According to the Daily Mail, 1 gram or 0.035 ounces of real saffron can cost up to $90! As a result, it is more expensive than gold. Saffron is generated from a finicky crocus plant that is difficult to cultivate and vulnerable to climate

The flower thrives in hot, arid, and sunny regions like those found in Iran, Italy, the south of France, and Spain.  Persian saffron is highly valued for its superior quality. According to Britannica, this delicacy is used as a dye for fabrics, imparting a beautiful golden tone; it was also used to drape Buddha and has since been worn by Buddhist monks and royalty in India, the Middle East, and some sections of Europe. Saffron is also a popular scent component.

saffron benefits

Crocus sativus is a tiny plant that produces small, brightly colored, purple tulip-shaped flowers with three intensely red pollen stamens in early autumn. The stamen of the bloom are saffron threads.
According to Britannica, 1 pound of saffron requires the stamens of approximately 75,000 flowers, and each precious thread must be hand-plucked with great care. If stored in little airtight bottles in a dark and cool room or the freezer, real saffron will keep its crimson color, scent, and flavor for years.

This spice is an essential addition to every spice collection. Saffron complements sweet and savory cuisine According to MasterClass, the compounds safranal and picrocrocin give saffron its golden hue and specific organoleptic properties:

The component has the aroma and flavor of a honeyed balmy meadow soaking in the sun. It features notes of balsam, florals, and wild grasses and is earthy and musky. It has a quirky and strange flavor; it reminds of the Iberian countryside, delicate and peppery at the same time. But only now do we come to answer why we should buy this precious herb Now. as we talked about the value of Persian saffron there are things to know.


How to buy Persian saffron?

before we jump by and buy it whether in bulk or as a lone product. You should think about what and how much of the product you need.


  1. STEP ONE, choose your preferred Persian saffron type.
  2. STEP TWO, choose your preferred weight of it.

This is the thought process for when you want to shop whether online or otherwise.
ARKADINA PARDIS will provide counseling to its customers by chat, call and email helping them through the purchase processes.

We as a trading company target and value quality and prioritize the benefits of the agreements so either party could reach agreeable terms.
As you are buying the saffron from Arkadina in bulk online there are steps you should go through like any other online purchase but first would be contacting our sales consultants at Arka.
We will provide you with the latest and most reasonable prices suitable for your need for the products.

packaging saffron_arkadina pardis

Packaging Persian saffron

The information about the packaging for export saffron can be provided to you depending on your needs of course.
As precious as saffron is the packaging of it always seemed to be of notice as to how it should fit the product perfectly and present it beautifully.

persian saffron price

The Iranian saffron price 🇮🇷 on August 18, 2022, in Europe is 3000 dollars to 4000 dollars and has changed slightly and has not increased much compared to the previous year.

The price of Persian saffron is always changing. Various factors affect the price of saffron. One of these factors is where saffron is grown. The place where saffron is grown has a great impact on the quality of saffron.
With this information provided we hope you can move forward with your business with us in a satisfactory manner.

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