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Essential tips for exporting date

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Essential tips for exporting date

As everyone knows, these days exporting date is one of the most important parts of Iranian agricultural products. The dates are valuable and nutrition products in the global markets which also have an important role in expanding economics and creating employment. Therefore, economics expanding is following by dates producing expanding.

Every successful exporting needs specific key point that in this page you will be recognized ten of them which definitely aid you to progress your exporting job.

Here are ten tips in dates exporting domain:

1- Marketing and marketing research: In the first step, you have to identify your target markets through examining marketing research, needs, demands, and competitive prices. The indicated knowledge can help you selecting adequate strategies to enter the markets.

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2- Exporting standards and regulations: each country has particular dates exporting rules and regulations. You must identify them and make sure that your product is compatible and follow them.

3- Product quality: the most important part that always must have been noticed is dates quality which are providing via keeping and packing well to retain quality during the process of transferring.

exporting date


4- Opting target markets: regarding to the marketing research, you are able to choose the markets which you can act successfully in them according to the market’s needs for dates and competitive advantages. You also need to respond to the target markets as for your abilities, human, and financial resources.

5- Professional packing: being attractive and fitting in packing affected on absorbing customer. Therefore, it’s better to pack your products as well as you can.

6- Marketing and creating a self-brand: Having a unique and a powerful brand for dates helps distinguishing you from the other ones. It also absorbs customer confidence and it is of the highest impact to using proper marketing strategies.

7- Diversity in products: a prosperous dates exporting needs diversity in products which includes: sweet and sour dates, also using processed products such as date juice or date pulp.

8- Creating an effective distributing network dates: To achieve global markets, you require a quick secure and safe route to transfer and distributed. You can also access to customers effectively by collaborating with local agents and distributors in destination markets.

9- Competing with other countries: this market is quiet competitively and you have to compete with the rivals in the global markets. It can be helpful to survey its prices, appropriate pricing strategies, and present distinctive elements such as, quality, packing, after sales services can help you to attract customers.

10- Attention to transportation and security issues: These issues are important in dates exporting process. Using appropriate transportation and making sure about the products security through the exporting way are essential.

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Finally, to be successful in exporting dates, you have to pay attention to market searching, product quality, appropriate packing, creating self-brand, effective distribute, and competing with other countries. You can prosper and play an important role in the world markets by regarding to these tips.

11- In dates exporting you also pay attention to these tips: Financial and tax management: it is vital to realize the financial and tax rules and regulations in the destination countries and conducting effective financial negotiations to minimize the financial issues of exporting way.

12- Cultural communication: knowing the culture and exporting methods of other countries is the first step to exporting dates to. Also you should conducting effective communications with business partners.

13- Environmental care: furthermore using sustainable methods to production and export of dates is another important issue to absorb environmentally sensitive customers.

14- Being flexible in producing: moreover, having the ability of producing dates with high flexibility and also having the ability of changing the shape of packing based on responding to the customers’ and markets’ demands and needs.

exporting date

15- Creating communication network: Creating a powerful and long term relationships with business partners, unions, organizations and other related institutions in exporting dates can help achieving new opportunities and leadership in exporting markets.

16- Research and development support: investigating in research and development, updating technology and increasing productivity in the date production process can increase your competitiveness in global markets.

By following above items you can improve your exporting date in the way of expanding and development. Also keeping update yourself about rules and regulations of destination countries and chasing them permanently in exporting process. In addition, you can be appeared as a successful and reputable exporting company in the global market by following mentioned rules.

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