Export Raisins: Delightful Global treasure

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Export Raisins: Delightful Global treasure

export Raisins

Export Raisins: Delightful Global treasure

Discover the lucrative world of raisin exports. Raisins, derived from dried grapes, are a versatile and nutritious snack enjoyed worldwide. As a leading exporter, we offer premium-quality itsourced from vineyards known for their rich flavor and superior quality. With our extensive network, we ensure timely delivery and competitive prices. Capture new markets and expand your customer base with our high-demand it. Contact us today to embark on a profitable journey of raisin exports.

What is a raisin?

It is seedless and a kind of dried grape. It has delicious sweat flavor. This small grape is useful for human body and cuisine. It appears in different sizes and colors including yellow, brown, green, purple, blue, and black. Darker raisins are usually sweeter than other varieties. Raisins are dried by sun traditionally, but it can be also dried artificially. You can eat them raw as snack or add them in salad also you can cook them and brewing.

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What countries cultivate it the most?

Many regions of the world produce raisins. According to research, there are the top three countries where produce raisins; including Iran, Turkey, and Unites States.

export Raisins

What are the raisins properties?

It contains negligible fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and water. It also has dietary minerals, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, which are the best elements for human body and health, but in both cats and dogs, it may cause kidney failure.

What type of raisin is produced in Iran?

Iran is become one of the biggest country to export raisins in the world due to variety of raisins and it is also one of the finest manufacturers of it. Iranian raisins are classified to five types and each has a long history. Each produces and offers in different packaging with the acceptable standards of the world.

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Why do we recommend ArkadinaPardis as a reliable company in the field of exporting raisins?

The most important reason is, this reputable company is located in Iran and customer satisfaction is the most important element for them. Secondly, high quality and standard packing is another element that is contained by them. So you can buy easily and safety .


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