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Ruby colored such as barberries


Ruby colored such as barberries

Learn more about how to dry barberryLearn more about how to dry barberry    Barberry, also known as “Zereshk” in Persian, is a unique and versatile fruit that has gained popularity for its distinct flavor and various health benefits. In recent years, Iran has emerged as one of the leading exporters of barberries, meeting the growing global demand.

What is barberry?

Barberries are the broad, tiny, and red berries. They include an unparalleled compound that operates as an antioxidant. It can help to control blood sugar, treat diarrhea, treat acne also helps to improve inflammation related to dental infections.

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What is dried barberry?

Barberries are a tiny eatable dried red berry that looks like small cranberries or a red shape of strawberries.

Where does it grow?

It comes from a plant which is popular in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia, also recently it has presented in North America, however the plant is local to some parts of Iran and Asia, you can find it all over the world nowadays. It has different types in South America and Asia. On the other hand, Iran is the biggest consumer  .

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What is a Persian barberry?

It is usually popular as seedless barberry (or Iranian Zereshk), is a shrub that grows red berries.

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Which country produces barberries?

More than 5,000 tons of barberries are produced each year in Iran.

Where is the best place to export barberry?

Iran is the biggest Ruby colored fruit producer in the world and it covers more than 98 percent of barberry utilizers. This barberry produces without the use of fertilizers and pesticides , as a result it is natural and organic product. The import rules in EU countries force traders to import organic fruits to Europe, this rule makes Iranian barberry an attractive and healthy product for the EU market.

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Why do we recommend ArkinaPardis to export barberry?

Iranian barberries is popular for its high quality and unique taste, which is the reason of high demanding in the global market.

Its farmers are committed to producing high-quality barberry and follow serious farming rules and harvesting procedures to ensure that the fruit is made of the best and the highest quality.

Additionally, using of modern farming techniques and the suitable climate in Iran help the barberries grow under the best conditions. Finally, the delicious and juicy barberry that is  the highest quality and has a long shelf life.

The packaging and shipping of barberries are the most important aspect of the export process in Iran. The fruit is carefully packed to warrant that it arrives at its destination in the best condition and keeps its quality and taste. Thus this company helps you to obtain this delicious fruit easily with the highest quality which were mentioned above.

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