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Iranian caviar is very well known and popular not only in Iran, but also in theworld. Black caviar, known as black  pearls, is extracted from unique species of fish found in the Caspian Sea. Perhaps the rarity, exclusivity of the species and the very high quality of Iranian caviar have distinguished it from other available caviars. In fact, all the caviar produced in Iran, both marine and cultured, have a special place in the whole world and are known as the best type of caviar. As mentioned, caviar is actually fish eggs; But in a more complete term, in fact, the eggs of female fish that failed to be fertilized are known as caviar. There are several types of this fish and the caviar produced by each of them will be different in terms of appearance, taste, nutritional value and price. Among the Caspian sturgeon fish, the following can be mentioned:

  •  Elephant fish;
  • Ozone source;
  •  Iranian fish dice;
  •  ship;
  •  Russian fish dice;

The types of caviar that are extracted from each of the sturgeon fish are:

  • Bulga caviar;
  • Astra caviar;
  • Suruga caviar;
  • Kaluga caviar;

In the meantime, Bulga caviar has a very high value and is known as black caviar; Because its color is gray and black. Astra caviar is highly valued after Bulga caviar and its color varies from brown to golden. Suruga caviar is famous for its unique aroma and taste. Kaluga caviar is said to taste almost similar to Bulga caviar. When buying sea caviar, having a relative knowledge of its types can help to buy quality caviar.

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