16 properties of saffron that you did not know

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16 properties of saffron that you did not know

saffron properties

16 properties of saffron that you did not know

What are the characteristics of the high qualified saffron?

Here in this page we are mentioned some features of the high qualified saffron.
The high qualified saffron has the characteristics that are indicated as follow.
1. Color and flavor: the high qualified saffron has dark red color and has an aromatic and pleasant taste. The saffron color adds pleasant taste and more quality to the foods.
2. Appropriate humidity: the high qualified saffron has ten percent humidity that showed the saffron dried well. The saffron with less quality contains much humidity or very dry.
3. Shape and the size of saffron: the high qualified saffron has the pea shape or has medium size. The big and small saffron might contains low components and has less quality.

saffron properties

4. Absence of foreign objects: the good saffron should be pure without foreign objects. Some other objects such as hair, pencil, and other foreign objects will effect on saffron quality.
5. Products authenticity: the high qualified saffron should provide from valid sources and contains valid and authenticity marks. Confirming the authenticity of the product has an important role in guaranteeing the quality of the saffron.
6. Avoid using additives: the good saffron shouldn’t have additives or others that effect on saffron taste and color. The natural and pure saffron doesn’t have any artificial.
7. Having pleasant smell: the original and fresh saffron has pleasant smell.
8. Preference to buy from specialized centers: it is better to provide saffron from specialized centers. These centers usually provide saffron from farmers directly and guarantee the quality of products.
9. Having uniform color coverage: the high qualified saffron should have uniform color coverage. It means that all saffron strings should have the same color and the same length. They shouldn’t have colorful strings.
10. Having proper dryness: the high qualified saffron shouldn’t be very dry or very humid. Appropriate dryness means retaining properties and original flavor.
11. The packing date: it is suggested to survey the packing date and select the freshest products. The packing date shows the quality and freshness of products.
12. The proper price: the proper saffron usually has high prices but they should have reasonable prices. Some expensive saffron sometimes isn’t very well. On the other hand inexpensive saffron might have been faked.
13. Containing medical properties: the saffron is one of the spices that contain lots of medical and health properties. The original saffron should contain these properties and shouldn’t mix with additives and other harmful components.

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14. Organic cultivation: some types of saffron which cultivate organically without chemi
15. cals fertilizers and poisons have the highest quality and are useful for environment.
16. Quality testing: the best methods to recognize the high qualified saffron is testing their color, flavor, and smell. Thus if it is possible, test the small saffron samples to be sure about their quality.
In addition, according to these tips it is better to provide the saffron from valid and reputable centers. You can use the saffron flavor, color, and properties of these unique spices by high attention to select the high qualified saffron and have the best experience in cuisine and make foods.

How can we buy the high qualified saffron?

Buying the high qualified saffron has special importance due to the original and the high qualified saffron has unique flavor and smell that are used for foods, sweets, and drinks.
If you prefer to buy the high qualified saffron, attention to these tips which are mentioned below.
1. Their sources: it is better to buy them from valid and reliable sources due to reputable companies and markets mustn’t sell the fake products. They are also in the competition of presenting high qualified products.
2. The type of saffron: the best saffron usually have pea or medium sizes and the big saffron have less quality because they mix with other components.
3. Surveying saffron color: the original saffron has dark red color. The saffron will fake if the saffron has pale yellow color.

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4. Preference to buy from direct sources: the popular saffron producer countries are Iran, Spain, and Kashmir (India). It is suggested to provide the saffron from these countries directly. Moreover they produce the highest qualified saffron.
5. Surveying the signs: some qualified saffron contains the same signs and authentic originals.it is better to check their labels and signs before purchasing.
6. Price amount: the high qualified saffron usually has high prices but not all saffron have high prices. Avoiding extravagance by checking the prices before buying.
7. Buying from reliable sources: being sure that the salesperson is reliable and has positive reactions if you buy online.

saffron properties
8. Examining packing: the strong glass containers are better for packing due to proper packing can prevent saffron from air, light, and prevent saffron quality.
9. Checking packing date: surveying saffron dates to buy the fresh ones.
10. Saffron quality test: buying small saffron samples and test them to be sure about their qualities.
You can provide the best saffron and enjoy their flavor and smell according to these tips.

What features distinguish saffron from other spices?

Some saffron features make it unique from the others. Moreover, each food has specific spice but reaching the unique food with much pleasant taste required special spice so, you can add saffron in many foods to obtain this uniqueness.

What are saffron medicinal properties?

As you know, it has medicinal properties such as depression treatment, boosting heart health, decreasing the risk of cancer, improving sightedness, etc.

Why Iranian people use saffron a lot?

Iranian people use saffron since past. Saffron is not only a unique spice but also is Iranian identity and culture. Saffron is used in Iran about five thousand years old. Based on some historical sources, saffron was used as food and body perfume by ancient Iranian. Saffron color was used to write rules and regulations, paint the paintings and clothes, and as mentioned above it was used as medicine.

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