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Dried grapes, which is another name for this product and has many fans in other countries, has made it more successful in exports than grapes, and it can be said that according to statistics, Iran’s raisins have been exported to 80 countries in the world. The export of raisins to Iraq and the export of raisins to Oman and the UAE are very prosperous. Which of the cities in Iran that produces quality grapes is Kashmar? The export of raisins and grapes from this city to Pakistan is booming, and in the past there was export of raisins to Russia. Grapes with seeds are not very suitable for export, for example, the grapes of West Azerbaijan, Qazvin, Takstan and Shahrood are of high quality in all respects, and they are seeded, which affects the export of the grapes themselves and the export of raisins of these grapes.

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