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Iran has long been one of the top five producers and exporters of pomegranates in the world. Although in recent years, competitors have stepped into the field of pomegranate production and export; But Iranian pomegranate still has its special and loyal customers. In this article, we will have a look at the production and export of Iranian pomegranate. Different types of pomegranates were cultivated in Iran. Sour, sweet, Mikhush, black, seedless, Azghand and Ardestani pomegranates have been among the well-known pomegranates. Each region was famous for growing a certain type of pomegranate; For example, Kashan was famous for growing white-seeded and red-seeded pomegranate trees, black-seeded pomegranate, Shirin Shahwar, seedless sweet and Indian sweet, sour Yazdi and sour rhubarb pomegranates, and sour molasses.

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