Iranian V.S American Pistachios

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Iranian V.S American Pistachios

Iran and America are two pistachios exporter countries and the competition among them isn’t a joke. The exported pistachios from these countries have some characteristics in quality, size and price.

Pistachios are one of the most popular nuts around the world due to their big, green, and delicious kernels. They seem happy because of their happy appearances so, they are called smiling nuts in Iran and they are called happy nuts in China.

Pistachios are also source of energy. Therefore, they are popular all around the world due to their delicious and rich in nutrients. Thus, many pistachios are planted and consumed all around the world but they are different in quality.

The studies have shown that sixty percent of pistachio consuming is used in cuisine and others are consumed raw or roasted. Buying closed or opened pistachios are completely optional and are related to costumer desire but it is advised to buy opened pistachios due to you can check out their kernels and the most closed pistachios are empty and their colors are in range of yellow to dark green that greener kernels are more delicious.

Here in this page some differences among Iranian and American pistachios are mentioned.

• Climate

• Diversity

• Low percentage of pitted pistachios

• High heat capacity

• Trade ability

As mentioned above the pistachios are difference in their quality due to they can grow in different climates. Thus, climate is one important factor. Iran has the best climate to grow pistachios with the highest quality.

So, Iran has the high quality of pistachio in the world because they have natural delicious flavor.

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Iranian pistachios are unique in appearance and flavor since past and all around people would rather consume Iranian pistachios. The next difference is Iranian diversity.

Iran has more than 90 pistachio types whereas America has 3 or 4 types. The third factor is Iranian pistachios have less empty pistachios and you can consume pistachios as much as you bought.

Iranian V.S American Pistachios
Iranian V.S American Pistachios

They also have unsaturated oil and bacteria that they can roast in high degree to delete the bacteria and reach delicious flavor. So, they are used in cuisine and this is the fourth factor that improved Iranian pistachios quality.

Trade ability is important and all buyers, importers, exporters, even producers prefer high quality pistachios and Iranian pistachios are the best in quality.

On the other hand if you chop the American pistachio up from the waist you will see the hole inside due to they aren’t mature enough like Iranian ones. As mentioned before the climate is important to produce mature pistachios.

Also, Iranian pistachios have beautiful circle on the kernels that are confirmed their quality. About their shells, Iranian pistachios are whiter than American ones but American ones have uniform size due to strict standards whereas Iranian pistachios have unique flavor and contain big tasty kernels.

American pistachios are harvested completely mechanically but Iranian pistachios are harvested by hand and dried outdoors and American pistachios have less fat whereas Iranian pistachios have unsaturated fat or healthy fat which make pistachios healthy and delicious so Iranian pistachios have better taste whereas American pistachios are more uniform and American productions are increased due to their productions are completely mechanically and Iran productions are a bit decreased due to several droughts.

Does the USA import pistachios from Iran?

They imported pistachios before but importing from Iran has stopped later.

Why Iranian pistachios are the best?

Iranian pistachios are the most popular in the world due to Iran’s condition and geographical situation. Despite of high qualified pistachio, Iran produce different type of pistachios.

Why consuming pistachios are recommended?

Pistachios have lots of nutrients so they can control blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

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